Space Saving Rotating Solid Bamboo Bookshelf Oval Style Huge Capacity

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360 Degree Rotating Solid Bamboo Bookshelf Oval Style Huge Capacity

Green, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly
Material: solid bamboo

Sizes: Width 37cm, Depth 37cm
    3 tier: 95cm high
    4 tier: 110cm high
    5 tier: 145cm high
    6 tier: 175cm high
Space of each tier is 27cm (top tier 20cm)

Function: bookcase/bookshelf, decoration and other items,multiple use.
100% natural bamboo/Easy assembly/Firm and durable


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360 Degree Rotating Solid Bamboo Bookshelf Oval Style Huge Capacity

High Standard Quality + Factory Layout Price = 100% Happy Customers

There are different tiers to choose, 3/4/5/6 tiers all in stock.

About Stability: The products have been tested, more stable than general bookshelves.

1.Green Environment Friendly: Bamboo can grow without fertilizers or pesticides. Therefore, the bamboo products are organic products, entirely clean and no residue of chemicals left on it. This is “green choice” to protect your family’s health.

2.Sustainable: Bamboo furniture is more impact resistant than wooden furniture. And treated bamboo furniture will ensure sustainability and no termite. Bamboo furniture will not shrink or expand in moist or dry environments. Especially, bamboo is also more scratch-resistant than most hardwoods, as well as keep the color and brightness for many years.

3.Beside the inherently rustic beauty, bamboo furniture also brings the modern beauty, suitable for the style of the houses today.

4. Bamboo furniture is lighter than wooden furniture. So, you can easily move and arrange it if necessary.

5. Clean and preserve easily: Although you don’t need much time and effort to clean and preserve bamboo furniture, it also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt and maintain the brightness. You can use small broom, soft towel and mild soap to clean it.

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